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These 7 tips are a great start…but if you really want to delve into the wealth of knowledge that I’m dying to share, check out “Fasting Secrets: The Highway to a Shredded Physique”. In this book, you’ll have direct access to years of toiling and frustrating experimentation distilled down into a comprehensive, easy to follow guide to springboard yourself into the same liberating, sustainable, and lean lifestyle I’ve been able to create for myself. You’ll learn that its not a cake-walk, and takes hard work, but it is far more realistic and enjoyable with these methods than any other program out there. Your dream body awaits! Just click the image on the right and grab yours now.


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Kevin Mallon

Over the past 5 years I have tried and failed over and over in search of the most sustainable and efficient way to achieve and maintain an aesthetically attractive, shredded body without sacrificing the comforts of joys of life. My journey was fruitless until I discovered intermittent fasting. 

Through this dieting pattern I have transformed both my body composition and my life. I am on a mission to show the power of this tool to everyone I can, so that others can share in this biological cheat code, and transform their confidence, fitness, and lives as well. Subscribe for exclusive tips from my own personal experience and cutting edge research on intermittent fasting, aesthetics, and fitness!